How long from the time we see you flying overhead until our photos are posted on this site?  Currently we are running between 3 to 5 weeks. This changes with the season.

Do you do any photo editing? Is it included in the price? We do some minor touching up here and there, but removing large objects or people usually entails an edit charge. Typically, this is around $25 per photo/object, but call and make sure if you have questions.

I entered my username and password, but there is nothing in my gallery! The computer is getting me ready to toss it out the porthole.  It could be that we have more than one vessel with your boat's name. Give us a call or an e-mail. We'll get you logged in.

Suppose we order a few photos. How long until we receive them? Usually, we print and ship within 2 business days of your order. Let us know if it is a RUSH JOB, and we'll do our best.

Do you endorse any particular framing techniques or caveats? Naturally, display your print out of direct sunlight.  We also recommend mounting utilizing acid-free materials, with a space between the glass and your print. The best glass is anti-reflective (not anti-glare) and is a coated, museum glass. Consult with your framer.

What equipment do you use?  Do you shoot anything besides yachts?  We use professional digital cameras from Canon, mounted in the aircraft.  Yes, we shoot commercial, residential and construction real estate as well as special projects. Call for details.

How do I know if you have photos of my boat?  If we were flying overhead and circling, then chances are pretty good that we have your photos. We normally process in the order that the vessels were shot, and in the summer we have a lag time sometimes of 30 days. We can upon request, move you to near the top of the list. Register, or send us a note. We will get back with you.

What is the deal with Yacht-Shots privacy policy?  We will never ever give, sell, rent or share your information with anyone else, period.  

How can I get an email newsletter? Our newsletters are now being handled through Mail Chimp. Our email newsletters, are only be sent out approximately 4 times (maximum) each year

This doesn't look like the site I used to go to. Am I at the right place? If you're a returning customer, from 2008 or older, and this does not look like the site you're used to seeing, you're probably looking for the site that looks like this:
Yacht-Shots at IFP3
If that looks familiar, keep in mind that your gallery will eventually be moved to this new site, but until then, please follow this link: 
http://yot-shots.ifp3.com/site/ (Again, this is not for new registrants, only for people who registered at the  specific website pictured above.)

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