Will, I got up this morning and it was seven degrees outside.  When I came down the stairs, the first thing I saw was the picture you took of my boat in August 2010.  I have it mounted on the wall.  Immediately, I felt 20 degrees warmer!  It is a great picture, and it gives me pleasure every day.  When friends walk into our house, the picture of my boat that you took is the first thing that they see.  It leads to questions, of course, and I get a chance to talk about my boat, which is one of the things I really enjoy doing!!  Thank you again for this lovely shot.
Jack Reed
Rockport, MA

"We actually passed up a deal similar to this 30 years ago. Now, both the boat and my father have passed. Thanks for the opportunity to somewhat ameliorate my past actions. The faces of my two boys show up easily playing on the deck. I will treasure this. Thanks for your prompt service." William T, Bridgeport, CT

"Great quality. Prompt. All as promised. Thanks", Gene S. New York, NY

"…Better than I expected! Hope to see you next summer in my new boat." David C. Boston, MA

"Got my pictures today. They are way more detailed than on the website! You should make it easier for potential customers to view close-ups. They should know how much better they look in real life than on the web. I am going to order the rest of the shots…" Ralph W. Newark, NJ

"…If you could have seen the look on my husbands face when he opened the package today, you would have made a photo of that too! Thanks again..." Maria T. Long Island, NY

"I have my boat photo in my office, and on those few days when I need a little uplift, I glance over to the photo. It works right away. Keep up the good work." Dan S. Manhattan, NY

"Every time my grandson comes to the house, he leads me to our den where the photo you took hangs. He is the reason I am ordering this same photo again. Thanks."
Charles P. Newport, RI

"Where were you at my launching? Glad to hear that you do commission work, as well. See you soon," Walter M. East Hampton, NY

"Thanks, we have since sold our boat. Tom still has his photo over his desk. I think it helps him…" Nancy P. Atlantic City, NJ

"Fantastic! Thank you!...Great!" Anthony R. Long Beach, NY

"I've had several professional shoots of my boat, and this is by far the best." Roger G. New York, NY

"Both photos arrived yesterday afternoon. WOW! What a nice job! Thank you very much for the great work. The smaller one (16x20) will go into my new office, in a few weeks. Thanks again for the great job."  Mark Salerno  S/V Fusion

     Thank you so much for the beautiful aerial photo of "Silver Lining"  taken last summer while we were on a Corinthian Cruise.  I couldn't have been more thrilled with the clarity of the shot and it was great to have a choice of pictures taken from various angles - it was hard to chose which one was the best as they were all great!  Thanks, also, for the prompt professional service and it was nice to actually talk to a friendly voice when I called with questions. 
Best Regards,

Sharon Bell

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