How to Register

Click the Registration Tab and Fill in ALL the Fields

  •  Vessel Name field must be filled in with either the official documented name OR--with any state-registered vessel, the complete state number. Do not use apostrophes or other symbols in the name. State numbers should be void of any spaces, for example not: FL 1234 AX  but: FL1234AX .  
  • The E-Mail address should be where you want us to send sign-in directions, your user name and password. You may change your password later if you choose.    
  • Foreign flagged vessels, simply fill in the fields 
  • Any problems, just call us. We'll help.                        

If Registration Does Not Work

This happens, sorry. This problem stems from us having another vessel already registered with a similar name.  (The nerve of that guy, right?)  No Worries, we CAN fix that! To amend this situation, we will vary the name a bit. Just call us. If you have your notification postcard, use the exact boat name printed on your card.  Call us--the number is on the bottom paragraph of this page.

How to See Your Photos 

First, register. Registration keeps the galleries private, so that others cannot view your photos without your explicit permission.  WE DO NOT EVER--UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, GIVE OR SELL THIS INFORMATION TO ANYONE ELSE. PERIOD. We send very few e-mails (who has the time, these days?), and you may unsubscribe at any time.

How to Log In to your Gallery

Once registered, a confirmation e-mail is sent to your e-mail address which contains your Username, Password and general directions. This can sometimes take a few minutes. The e-mail will be from Look for it in your spam-box if you don't see it in your inbox.

How to Enlarge the Screen

If you have a PC, hold the control button down while pushing the "+ ="  symbol key next to the backspace key.To go back to normal screen sizing, hold the control key down and push the minus symbol key. If you have a Mac, hold the control key while hitting the "+=" key.

How to Order Photos

As you view any individual image in your gallery, you will see Add To Cart next to the different sizes that are available. Clicking on any of these sizes will add that item to your shopping cart. Order as many photos as you would like for one shipping and handling charge of $9.95. You may remove any item from your cart prior to checkout. Alternatively, feel free to call us with your order. We can take your order and modify anything over the phone.

Computers can be very frustrating at times. If nothing seems to be working, or if you're having any problems with the site----PLEASE, call or e-mail us! We will help! (321)626-2099

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