About William Lurcott

William Lurcott was developing and printing photographs in his own darkroom located in a linen closet when he was just a young teen--(and still small enough to fit in a linen closet). His father was also an aerial photographer engaged in the Cuban Missle Crisis and other secret stuff William still doesn't know about. 

When he was 17 years old, Lurcott soloed in a Cessna 150 and has been flying airplanes ever since, owning three separate aircraft. William has lived on board various sailboats for 14 years and held a U.S. Coast Guard 50 Ton Masters License. He sailed in the Bahamas for seven years aboard his own ketch, "Benevolent", and captained a 60 foot schooner and 52 foot ketch for charter. William is a celestial navigator, and has delivered both power and sailing vessels from locations including Canada, the Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Mexico, the Netherland Antilles and all along the eastern U.S. seaboard.

 Another huge passion for William is painting. He works in oils, acylics, watercolors and dry pastels. He has won awards all around the USA. William's paintings are in private and corporate collections in almost every state in the USA-with some even "across the pond". (Yes, he could paint a portrait of your yacht.)   Interested? See: www.lurcottstudios.com

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